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Animal Testing Ends Here Scholarship

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JAN 08

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Scholarship title: Animal Testing Ends Here Scholarship

Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Every year, over 1.1 million animals are used in lab tests. That includes over 86,000 dogs and cats - but doesn t include the estimated 25 million tested rodents, birds, and fish, which the USDA doesn t even count in their statistics. You probably didn t know that many testing labs aren t required to provide animals with pain relief and that millions of animals are shocked, burned, poisoned, and starved. Think that s gruesome? Think that s plain wrong? Join in saying so. By sharing statistics about animal testing, you make your friends more aware of the problem, and awareness leads to action. You can fight animal cruelty...and even win cash money. Everyone who shares stats is entered for a chance to win a $2,0000 college scholarship. Learn more, step up, and speak out. No minimum GPA. No essay. You must under the age of 25 and a U.S or Canadian citizen to be considered for this award.

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