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Coca-Cola’s $25,000 College Bound Scholarship

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OCT 31

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Scholarship title: Coca-Cola’s $25,000 College Bound Scholarship

Applicable Majors: All fields of study

Coca-Cola, in conjunction with Chuck E. Cheese’s - the home of safe, fun family entertainment - is teaming up on a college scholarship promotion. Parents can enter for the chance to win Coca-Cola’s $25,000 College Bound Scholarship for their kids as part of its partnership with the NCAA

“At Coca-Cola FoodService, we work to help our customers be successful, whether that’s providing them with a portfolio of great beverages or helping them bring exciting programs like this NCAA partnership to help a lucky student,” said Terry Bucher, vice president national sales for Coca-Cola Foodservice.”

“It’s a natural fit for Coca-Cola and Chuck E. Cheese’s to offer our guests the chance to win a college scholarship,” said Brenda Holloway, company spokesperson for CEC Entertainment, Inc. “Most people know we care about ensuring kids have a fun, safe time when they’re in our entertainment centers. But we also care about children’s’ well-being when they leave our centers.”

“This scholarship coincides with Chuck E. Cheese’s commitment to being more than just an entertainment center,” continued Holloway. “Our centers are havens for all ages that afford the opportunity for active play, which in turn can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.”

Coca-Cola partnered with Chuck E. Cheese’s in developing this contest. The Coca-Cola Company, an official NCAA® Corporate Champion, brought the NCAA partnership to the table, and asked Chuck E. Cheese’s to help formulate a method to market to its consumers in a new way. The online contest was created, as well as the college scholarship, which is a first-ever endeavor for Chuck E. Cheese’s.

“In addition to the scholarship, during this year’s playoff weekend in San Antonio, we will host a basketball clinic with an NCAA Division I coach at a local San Antonio Chuck E. Cheese’s,” said Bucher.

“This is the first time we’ve worked with Coca-Cola and its NCAA partnership,” continued Holloway. “It’s a new approach to marketing for us, but we think it’s a great way to reach a new audience. Our commitment to promoting an active lifestyle and supporting education goes hand in hand with the mission and goals of Coca-Cola and the NCAA.”

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