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Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Swackhamer Video Contest

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Scholarship title: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Swackhamer Video Contest

Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Since the dawn of the Nuclear Age, the United States has spent over $7.5 trillion on nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. The US continues to spend at least $54 billion annually on nuclear weapons-related activities.

Make a video of three minutes or less addressing the following question: How would the world look if the funds allocated to nuclear weapons throughout the Nuclear Age ($7.5 trillion for the US alone) had been spent instead on building a more decent world?

Rules: A submission that does not adhere to all of the contest rules will not be considered for an award.

  • Contest begins on February 1st
  • Submission must be in English (if language is used)
  • Submission must not exceed 3 minutes in length
  • Submission must be on topic
  • Submission must not contain foul language or slander
  • Video can be any type (traditional video, animation, flash, etc.)
  • Contestants must upload video entries to the Swackhamer Disarmament Video Contest page on Facebook
  • Contestants must submit the official entry form as described below
  • Winners will be responsible for providing NAPF with a high-resolution copy of their video
  •  By submitting your video, you are promising that you own all rights to all material in your video, including the music, images, script, and rights to include all persons, places or organizations included or depicted (see below for information on Creative Commons footage). The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation will have distribution rights for non-commercial use, and video makers will have co-distribution rights for either public or commercial use. You also agree to allow the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation to use your name, identification, and likeness to use, promote or publicize your video in any manner, without limitation, and without further compensation. You agree to indemnify the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, including for legal costs, against any challenges to the ownership, use of, or rights to material in your video.
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